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Family Story I

8/3 – 14/4/2007

Untitled, 2006, color lambda print, mounted on aluminium 170x125cm
Untitled, 2006, color lambda print, mounted on aluminium, 170 x 125 cm

Lydia Dambassina, “Family Story I” 8 March – 14 April, 2007

Eleni Koroneou Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the greek artist Lydia Dambassina. Lydia Dambassina was born in 1951 in Thessaloniki. In the age of 15 she moved to Paris to finish school. She studied Psychopathology and Pedagogic and at the same time she studied at the School of Fine Arts of Grenoble. 
Lydia Dambassina works since 1976 with different mediums as painting, photography and installations. The current show will present the photographic series with the title ″Family story I″. The most photographs are staged. Lydia Dambassina started working on this photographic work in 2004, in which the photograph co-exists with texts from the greek and french daily newspapers. The subject matter doesn’t refer to the main important news but to the sociologically issues, on which the artist locates the rapidly development of today.
The photographs show colour and black & white portraits, digital and analog with a sterile visual language. The photographs taken from 1977 coexist with those in 2006. ″Family story I″ show the share of the personal and public subconscious in every event. The text and the photography in the pictures of Lydia Dambassina are morphologically clearly separated. While each of the two parts function autonomous, their coexistence is a structure (pattern), which gives space to the viewer for something new. 
The aim of Lydia Dambassina with this work is the unification of the intimate and the public and our personal position towards the technological, environmental, sexual, scientific and legislative development. ″We are all accomplice″. Lydia Dambassina has participated in group exhibitions, having exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki) and the Benaki Museum (Athens).