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PARTY’S OVER – START’S OVER Alexandar Maćašev


An “end of the world” party springs to mind—specifically the dinner party in the town square in Werner Herzog’s “Nosferatu”. Vampires are taking over. We are, or will be very soon, infested. Rats are crawling all over the place, but no one seems to mind. Nothing matters. Game over. Start over.

The scene seems even more appropriate because of capitalism’s bloodsucking nature. And it lives forever, unless the stake is driven through its heart, as the story goes.

But can the game ever end? Are we sure it’s really over? Or it has just taken on a new disguise? We are promised a change, but nothing changes. Nothing profoundly.

Party’s over- Starts over addresses that issue in a very subtle but convincing way. With minimal means it conveys the powerful message of what lies in front of us. Do we need it? Do we want it? Do we have a choice?

“Is the participant present?” seems to have the most radical impact. Can we avoid playing the game? Or is the game weaved into our very existence in such a manner that we stop playing when we cease to exist?

Sit by the table and ask yourself.

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