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1979-2004 “Selected objects”

Bandirma, 1983, plywood, acrylic

Autoportrait,1984, plywood,acrylic, 117X122cm

Le criquet,1983,plywood,plaster,acrylique,113x100cm
Le criquet, 1983, plywood, plaster, acrylic, airbrush, 113 x 100 cm

Untitled, 1984,plywood,acrylic, photo, airbrush, 100X100cm

Autoportrait, 1986, acrylic, plywood, plastic mirror, 224 x 128 cm

Route et haricot,1984, plywood, acrylic, photo, airbrush, 100X57cm

Le Bonhomme, 1979, plywood, wood, acrylic, neon, 176x64 cm

Untitled, 1996, plaster

The Brain, 2004, dim. open: 59x43x40 cm depth
Unclaimed Luggage, 2004, dim. open: 59 x 43 x 40 cm depth