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2017 “The Body is Victory and Defeat of Dreams”

Municipal Gallery of Mythimna, Lesvos
Curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis, Athena Hadji

General view
This is my body, this is my blood, balance, wine, bred, 35x73x32cm
Untitled, 2006, lambda cprint, 170x125cm
Ciel-Terre, 2006, lambda cprint, 170x125cm 

Setting out from conceptual art, Dambassina presents one scale and two staged, large scale pictures, shot with analogic film. “A young boy in knickers and with one of his arms bandaged in plaster. Displayed next to it the photograph that shows the pattern of hopscotch game drown in white against a dark background. Both images show their subjects in a verticality that brings to mind a sort of “spiritual ascension”. A lurking sense of death and rebirth renders the images both hard and comforting”. (Alexandra Koroxenidis)
The balance holds, on one side, blood-red wine and, on the other, bites of bread. “There are only bodies and languages except that there are truths”. (Alain Badiou)