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2018 “Looking Out Looking In”

14.04 | 30.05. 2018

Muratcentoventidue Artecontemporanea, Bari
Looking Out Looking In

© Lydia Dambassina, Glassed Windows cast a terrible reflection, 1998 – 2013

Lydia Dambassina works since 1976 with various media such as painting, photography, installations and video projections. In one of her latest work, Gini Coefficient in 2016 – continuation of her work Party’s over-Starts over started in 2008, which deals with the theme of Greek debt – the artist focuses on the global crisis and the inequalities that grow impetuously.
“Glassed Windows Cast at Terrible Reflection“, 1998-2013, is a video in which we see a series of  seventy- two color photographs of  windows. The title refers to a work by one of the most important authors of American independent cinema and one of the greatest experimenters of world cinema, Stan Brakhage.
“Unglassed Windows Cast at Terrible Reflection” is a short film released in 1953, at the beginning of his long career. In the first sequences of the film, four boys and two girls who are traveling by car, due to a breakdown along the way, stop near some abandoned houses.
In the video  by Dambassina we enter through these windows into a reality in which every freedom is lost and there are human beings who, having buried every trace of regeneration, live trapped inside .
From the infinitely intimate to the infinitely public, the works of Lydia Dambassina reveal the heart of the human in its dysfunction.

Press Release – Looking Out Looking In, 2018
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